MFR-7 Gun Lubricant

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about MFR-7 Gun Lubricant

ProGold’s MFR-7 is an excellent choice for lubricating and cleaning your firearms and suppressors and we’re happy to recommend it to our customers … The lube performed well in a variety of firearms we tested it with and made cleanup considerably easier.

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Scott Kelley
K2 Firearms, LLC.

…I have been working on a 1928 a22 sub machine gun, these firearms are very ammo sensitive and are prone to fouling very quickly. I had been unsuccessful in being able to cycle more than just a few rounds at a time … I cleaned the weapon with your sample oil, and much to my amazement I was able to fire well over 500 rounds of various 22lr. ammo without a malfunction…

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John Andrewski

I have been using MFR-7 Gun Lubricant since the Shot Show and it is the best weapons oil I have ever used … Believe me between my customers and the United States Army Special Forces we have tried most in all weather and terrains. Thanks for the great product.

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John A. Anderson - Andy´s Custom Guns

Here at Chambers Custom Pistols I build custom 1911´s for competitors, servicemen, collectors, and daily users. When offered the opportunity to test MFR-7 the first time a couple of years ago I was skeptical…[Now] it is the only one I use and the only one suggested for use to my very discerning clients. We look forward to using MFR-7 at Chambers Custom for many years to come!

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Joe Chambers
Owner/Custom Pistolsmith
Chambers Custom Pistols

I teach 'Build Your Own 1911' classes in my shop. We build on Caspian stainless steel slides and frames, and with a shop full of rookies, galling in the early stages of the slide/frame fit had been a continual concern. Please note the use of the word "had."…I won´t pretend to know HOW this stuff works, and frankly I don´t really care. I DO know that the last class was the first class yet with no, zero, not ONE galling problem. MFR-7 will be on every student´s bench in all future classes.

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Bob Rodgers
Rodgers Pistolsmithing

I've had an opportunity to use MFR-7 Gun Lubricant extensively over the past month … On one specific rifle that was used during a Pat Rogers Carbine Operators course I put 1400 rounds down range through a LaRue Stealth upper on a full auto lower … Typically after shooting this many rounds the bolt and carrier group are filthy with carbon build up. This was not the case upon inspection and cleaning … I was very satisfied with the performance of MFR-7 Gun Lubricant.

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Drake Clark
Magpul Industries Corp.

…I took some of the [MFR-7] to a demo in California; I had an M110 SASS that the USMC shot 793 rounds thru. When I got back to the hotel, I realized we had no cleaning material, so the bore got scrubbed with the lube and copper brush then patched dry. The gun went on to shoot sub-moa with no stoppages thru a demo with LAPD SWAT. … I have used the [MFR-7] lube on several different guns from my Larry Vickers 1911, to SR-16E3 and SR-25 rifle platforms. I have been pleased with the results, in both reliability, and ease of cleaning.

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Kevin S. Boland
Military/Government Product Liaison
Knight´s Armament Company

One of the reasons I design a piston system for the AR is because of my driving nature to have a meticulously CLEAN rifle. I have searched and tried every product on the market, looking for a cleaner/lubricant that can be used to clean carbon and can be left on parts as a lubricant. Your product is the answer.…

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Jason Adams
V.P. Engineering/Founder
Formerly of Adams Arms, Inc.